What is MyDCIM?

MyDCIM is oriented to the operation for the overall management of a datacenter system. It is a fully modular and customizable web solution. It is easy to adapt MyDCIM to the specic needs of any datacenter thanks to its exibility and scalability.

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Adaptado a tu negocio

Adapted to your business

  • Flexibility
  • Fully operation oriented
Fácil de implantar

Easy to deploy

  • SaaS solution
  • Vendor independence
Ahorro económico

Economic savings

  • Operative costs reduction
  • Energy efficiency control


Gestión de los activos

Assets management

It is able to manage all information related to assets located in the datacenter (economic and administrative information, maintenance contracts, calendars, etc.).

MyDCIM allows categorization and hierarchy, both physical and electrical of all available assets. In this way, there is end-to-end traceability, providing a global view of datacenter assets and the relationship between.

It can add all the asset related information as protocols, contracts, issues, etc. Through an encrypted document management system.

Furthermore, the system allows uniquely access to each asset through a QR code.

Suppliers management

Allows you to incorporate and exploit, in the own DCIM, all available information in the systems of various maintenance providers through automatic integration based on SOAP.

Enables access and centralized management of all maintenance information, preventive and corrective, contracts, protocols, work orders and calendars, reducing their level of complexity, while saving time and bureaucracy and allowing full control of datacenter maintenance activities.

Gestión de suministradores
Control de la eficiencia energética

Energy eciency control

Makes possible monitoring of the electricity infrastructure in real time, in addition to periodic reports by device, room or site. The application, at the same time, displays automatic calculation of performance indicators (KPI) of the datacenter, as the PUE. It also allows to perform trend analysis based on historical consumption information.

MyDCIM performs readings of power consumption based on standards (SNMP and MODBUS) and, therefore, independent of the manufacturer.

Capacity management

MyDCIM assists in decision-making for new assets location searching among the dierent resources (space, power, cooling or electrical outlets) ensuring their optimal use.

In addition, it shows the overall occupation status of the data center with valuable information for decision-making relating to enlargement of resources.

Gestión de la capacidad
Gestión del cambio

Changes management

It enables monitoring of projects for the creation of new infrastructure and enlargement or modications in the data center.

It allows the creation, assignment and tracking of all tasks related to a project, as well as the generation of control lists, dates management and SLA.


    • Inventory of assets in different customers.
    • Access to assets via QR code.
    • Assets typology with detailed records.
    • Historical reviews of asset incidences.
    • Management of maintenance contracts.
    • Work hours by contract price management.
    • Corrective costs management and statistics.
    Work orders
    • Preventive and corrective work orders.
    • Corrective costs statistics.
    • Aesthetics of actual paper form.
    • Export to PDF document.
    • Different protocols for each asset category.
    • Implementation of asset protocols.
    • Management of corrective orders approved by customers.
    • Document management system associating files to assets and contracts.
    • Contacts manager.
    • Gantt calendars.
    • Maintenance, certification and guards calendars.
    • Classification by type, family and periodicity.
    • Export to Excel and PDF.
    • Possibility of automatic integration with any GMAO.
    • Possibility of including different implementation protocols.
    • All lists can be exported to Excel.
    • Commercialized as SaaS application.
    • No need to buy a server.
    • Specific equipment is not required.
    • Accessible from any HTML5-compatible device.
    • Adaptive interface for mobile devices and tablets.

Success story


Javier Montemayor

Operations manager,
“Several months after we integrated the monitoring tools,  we noticed a significant decrease in the operating response times.  That, allowed us to analyse the data more efficiently, obtain valuable information and improve our processes. We are now able to react proactively in case of an incident and significantly improve the quality of the services we provide to our clients.”.
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Headquarters (Europe)

ISOIN - Ingeniería y Soluciones Informáticas.
Calle Astronomía 1, torre 4, planta 3.
Torneo Parque Empresarial.
41015 Sevilla. España.

Headquarters (Latin America)

ISOIN - Ingeniería y Soluciones Informáticas.
Calle 106, número 54-15, oficina 401.
111111. Bogotá D.C. Colombia.

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